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We have two winners!

Thanks to all who checked out, or entered, Proto Libro’s first book giveaway. Due to the generosity of Other Press and author Thomas Van Essen, Proto Libro had two copies of The Center of the World – a debut novel which I feel has been underrated this year – to give away. Kirkus Review also listed the book as one of the “overlooked novels of 2013.”

So after the drawing…..


We have two winners…congrats to:


And thanks for all the book recs you provided when you entered the giveaway. Two of the books suggested were debuts. A debut novel: What Happened to Sophie Wilder by Christopher Beha; and a debut memoir: My Foreign Cities, by Elizabeth Scarboro.

More reviews to come next week…I’m writing next about Jennifer duBois‘s second novel, Cartwheel and then about James Whitfield Thomson’s debut novel, Lies You Wanted to Hear.


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Book Giveaway – Thomas Van Essen’s The Center of the World


Thanks to Other Press and author Thomas Van Essen for sharing with Proto Libro two copies of The Center of the World to give away to Proto Libro readers. This is a really great book, which I reviewed in June; I’m excited to be able to share it with you.

To enter the giveaway leave a comment to this post noting a book you think is really great that you would like others to read (book can be a debut or not). Leave a comment by noon ET on Sunday, November 10th.  Make sure you enter a working email when you do. I will be the only one who sees your email address and will need it to let you know if you have won. And there might be a delay before your comment appears on the site, as I need to approve comments before they become public.

On Sunday I will do a random drawing and announce the winners early next week.

Good luck!



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