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Debut novels by women

February always passes by too quickly. Even this year, with its 29 days, I can’t believe March is next week and that I have not posted since early February. But I can tell the month is coming to its end as the days are getting longer and here in New York it feels like winter barely kissed us.

I link today to a great post on Bustle that lists “beautifully written” debut novels by women over the years.  Classics like, To Kill a Mockingbird and Frankenstein, are featured along with more recent debuts, including some I have written about here.

What I really loved about this post is the author’s  passion for reading debuts. I could not have put it better.

“A little secret I’ve learned after years of browsing bookshelves is that some of the best books are found in the debut section. Right on that table as you walk in with books piled up of all different sizes and looks. The first novels. The new names. The stories without an overwhelming list of public opinions. They’re like blind dates, and it’s exciting.”

More reviews to come…next up, Bright Lines by Tanwi Nadini Islam.


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