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Never Too Old to Debut

A new blog, 35 over 35, launched at the end of last year and it celebrates writers who debut over the age of 35. As a “late bloomer” writer myself, I always enjoy reading about people who challenge the notion that great books are written only by the young. Another blog in this vein, which I wrote about a couple years ago, is Bloom, which focuses on first books by authors over forty.

The books on the 2014 35 over 35 list feature poets, novelists and non-fiction writers. Some of the writers I have mentioned in this blog already, including Mira Jacob and Smith Henderson. Another on the list is Julia Fierro, whose debut, Cutting Teeth I read over the holiday and will be reviewing later this month, but some of the authors were new to me. A few that stood out were:

Accidental Jihad, by Krista Bremer

A memoir about an American woman who gets pregnant with a Libyan man and moves to Libya to live with him and his family. The book explores how two people from different cultures negotiate their love for each other.

I am Pilgrim, by Terry Hayes

A debut thriller about a retired forensic crime investigator, who is brought out of retirement to stop a terrorist who wants to destroy America.

Mating for Life, by Marissa Stapley

A novel about a former folk singer who disdained monogamy, having three kids with three men, until in her 60s she falls for a man who wants to marry her.

Happy New Year all!


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