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Ocean City Lowdown, by Kim Kash


Ocean City Lowdown

By Kim Kash

Capri House, 2014

309 pages

Jamie August is a staff writer at the Ocean City Weekly Breeze an arts and entertainment paper in Ocean City, Maryland, but she calls herself an “investigative reporter.” She usually covers stories about dog grooming salons and local events, like a car dealer who put a car on the roof of his dealership, but when she is asked to write a fluff piece about a new high-end housing development, the Bayview Preserve, going up along the coast, she gets a chance to tap in to her investigative instincts. As Jamie learns more about the development, and its history, she uncovers corruption behind the lovely façade that is going up, and gets embroiled with an intriguing cast of characters including a good looking real estate developer and a handful of environmental scientists.

This is a well-paced mystery, a classic summer or airplane read. I found it engaging and well executed. Jamie is a snarky, yet sympathetic, narrator who I enjoyed spending time with and the story twists and turns in satisfying ways. There is mystery, romance and real life intrigue all rolled into the story. The book is also deeply routed in Ocean City, Maryland, with a fun cast of characters, from the Weekly Breeze editor to a local firefighter who Jamie hooks up with after he rescues her from a fire, to the friends she hangs out with.

Kash has also written a travel guide to the area, Ocean City: A Guide to Maryland’s Seaside Resort. She lives in the Middle East.

I received a copy of this book from the author.




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