A Front Page Affair, by Radha Vatsal


A Front Page Affair

By Radha Vatsal

Sourcebooks, 2016

336 pages

When I was a kid, my maternal grandmother always had a mystery in hand. She loved Agatha Christie but would read any book that had a missing character or a mysterious plot. I remember reading Agatha Christie as a child because I wanted to read books I knew she liked. I wanted to be like her.

A Front Page Affair is a classic who dunnit? Set in New York City in 1915, the story features a smart and becoming narrator–Kitty Weeks. Just 19, Kitty lives with her father in New York after attending boarding school in Europe. She dreams to be a journalist and works for the Ladies’ Page (yes, one page!) of a paper called the New York Sentinel. Her first assignment is to cover a Fourth of July party at a country club and this seemingly banal social story leads her into a mystery that is the heart of the book.

I don’t want to give away too much of the mystery, but the story focuses on a murder and is full of a range of New York characters, including her editors at the paper, a society friend who wants to be a nurse and head off to Europe, the humble secretary of a wealthy society woman and Kitty’s father, a businessman who doesn’t share much about his work with her. There is a lot of historical detail in the book. I enjoyed the time period and setting, and found Kitty, nickname for “Capability,” to be an insightful and enjoyable narrator. The book twists and turns and comes to a satisfying end. If you enjoy a good mystery, this is a fun one to get swept up in. My granny would have enjoyed it.

Vatsal lives in New York City. And like all good mystery writers, is planning a Kitty Weeks series.




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3 responses to “A Front Page Affair, by Radha Vatsal

  1. mxo

    I agree, Grannie would love this. I just may buy it and read in her memory

  2. mxo

    It’s going to the Cape with me.

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