Never too old to debut, part 2

Did you know that Harriet Doerr and Annie Proulx published their debuts after the age of 50? And that Doerr was in her 70s when her first book came out? I didn’t until I read this short piece published by the Center for Fiction, and written by Elizabeth Marro, an author who recently published her own debut in her 50s. I have written about other authors who got their debuts published later in life, but this is the first I have read about the age of these particular authors. I have been working on my own novel for many years and am not sure when it will be published. It is comforting to know that if I debut later in life  I will be in good company.

And then there is Arlene Heyman whose debut collection of short stories, Scary Old Sex came out this spring. She is 74. And not only has she been working on the book for many decades, with some of the stories being published in journals, the title is literal–many of the stories are about older people and their sex lives. I love that she not only published a book at her age, but that she also writes about what it means to be sexually active in one’s 60s and 70s. It is nice to see someone who is able to write openly about what happens to us when we age. I have not read the collection yet, but it is getting good reviews and she has been interviewed widely. One person she spoke to was Terry Gross. The interview includes Heyman reading a couple short excerpts from the book . Thanks to my friend LC for telling me about Heyman.

Let me know if you have read Heyman’s book!




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3 responses to “Never too old to debut, part 2

  1. Joyce Carman

    thanks. this is interesting. Keep working on that book Kate…never too late.

  2. Louise Crawford.

    ditto – never too late. Louise

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