Book Prizes in the UK and Australia

I see that new followers have signed up for Proto Libro in the last week. Welcome! I appreciate your interest in my blog and hope that you discover debut authors and books here that you want to explore.

Last month, I wrote about debut book prizes in the US. Today I will look at two overseas. The Desmond Elliott Prize goes to British and Irish debut authors. Their shortlist was recently announced with a winner to be announced July 1st. The three finalists all sound like intriguing reads:

Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey – A mystery about a women with Alzheimer’s who searches for an old friend who she believes is missing.

A Song for Issy Bradley by Carys Bray — A story about a Mormon family that faces a tragedy and how the tragedy tests their faith.

Our Endless Numbered Days by Claire Fuller – After a family tragedy, a survivalist father takes his daughter from London to live in a forest.

And in Australia, the Stella Prize celebrates women writers. The prize is open to writers at any stage of their careers, but this year’s winner was Emily Bitto for her debut novel, The Strays, which is a historical novel set in 1930s Melbourne, about a young girl, Lily, who befriends Eva, a classmate brought up by avant garde artists. This book does not look like it has been published in the US yet, but is available on the Kindle, and after winning this award I hope Bitto finds a US publisher.

Have any of you read any of these books? I’d be curious to know what you thought of them.

Keep cool … and happy summer reading….


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