Never too Young to Write or too Old to Debut

I recently started working as the Interim Program Manager at the New York Writers Coalition (NYWC), a non-profit that teaches creative writing to underserved populations in New York City. We partner with local NGOs, libraries, hospitals, and other organizations to run weekly volunteer-led creative writing workshops, believing that everyone has a voice and a story to tell.

NYWC has a video series called, Writing is Good for Everyone, and the first video features a 14-year old young woman who took our Novel Writing for Kids workshop at the Bay Ridge branch of the Brooklyn Public Library. Watch Bridin McCann talk about her world and what she got from the workshop. I love the idea of teens writing novels–no one is ever too young to start writing.

And as I have written before, no one is never too old to debut as a novelist. I took heart in the article, “Six novelists who didn’t publish until they were 40,” that ran earlier this month in the The Telegraph. Did you know that Mark Twain and Laura Ingalls Wilder are among others who didn’t publish a book until they were in their 40s? Even Toni Morrison didn’t publish her debut until she was 39.

We are never too young to write or too old to debut. Any writers you admire who you know started after 40?


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6 responses to “Never too Young to Write or too Old to Debut

  1. louise crawford

    over 40 .Hilma Wolitzer!

  2. @Louise I don’t think I knew that. Interesting that her daughter picked up the pen much earlier in life. Thanks for your comment.

    • louise crawford

      Yes.Hilma came to the Iowa writer’s workshop in her late 40’s after her first book got rave reviews. I don’t know of course but I hope this helped daughter Meg to pursue her writing earlier in life.

  3. writers not coming to mind but Julia Cameron didn’t start taking her amazing pictures until her 40s.

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