Life in Transition, Blog in Transition

Confession: I am not posting as regularly this year. I am trying to keep up with my pledge to review two books a month, but not doing much in between. This gap is because I am winding down a job I have been in for eight years and getting started with a new position. I am excited about the future, but currently have less time for reading and blogging. Please bear with me readers…come March I will have more time for Proto Libro. Though with this transition my commute, which inspired this blog, will be cut in a third…I am not sure yet how I will use that hour and half gained…watch this space to know…

In the meantime, I thought I would share a couple pieces about debuts…

  • Last fall, Flavorwire published this list of the top 50 debut novels published since 1950. It is a fun list to scroll though, including some of my favs…Geek Love, Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit, The God of Small Things and Revolutionary Road, among others.
  • I wrote last year about how Ruth Reichl had a celebrity advantage when publishing her debut novel. This month’s tending celebrity debut is David Duchovny’s, Holy Cow: A Modern Day Dairy Tale. I’m not sure I can adequately summarize this book, so I will share the following description: “The book tells the story of Elsie, a cow who undergoes an existential awakening that causes her, along with Tom, a turkey, and Shalom, a Jewish pig, to light out from the farm where they lived in search of the great, wide, presumably safe world.” Apparently Duchovny, who has an MA from Yale, finds writing difficult but has more “self-doubt” as an actor…You can read the first chapter online.

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  1. Kate Menken

    I’m happy for your transtition and hear to read you whenever you words and book recs come my way!

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