Bilingual Reading at McNally Jackson

I attended a Spanish-English reading last week at the McNally Jackson Bookstore for the book launch of Mercedes Salvador’s debut novel, La Copia de Van Gogh, which was published in Spain over the summer. Mercedes and I studied creative writing together in the MFA program at Goddard College, so it was a real thrill to hear her read from her book, and talk about her 10 year journey to write and publish her first novel.


Inspired by her life growing up in Spain, La Copia de Van Gogh tells the story of two young women, Miriam (Spanish) and Helena (American) who spent summers together in Mallorca in the post-Franco years. After Helena goes missing, Miriam sets off on a journey to find her friend. The book is a story of friendship, family and personal transformation set in the U.S., Spain and India.

I look forward to reading this book, and Mercedes, who lives in New York, has plans to translate her story, and publish it, in English.

McNally Jackson, an independent bookstore in SoHo, is such an inspiring shop to visit. It’s a two-story bookstore located in a part of New York better known for eating out and buying designer shoes and clothes than a place to buy books. It is wonderful to see this store thriving and hosting unique events, like this bilingual book reading.




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4 responses to “Bilingual Reading at McNally Jackson

  1. louise crawford

    Such a special post to share this exciting publishing news with a fellow writer and colleague. Louise

  2. Ben Nowell

    This is so cool, Kate, about Mercedes. What’s the status of your novel? I’m looking forward to reading it and to celebrating you once you publish 🙂

    I’ve been reading novels by Peter Cameron lately (Andorra, Coral Glynn, Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You) since Steven and I have had a few dinners in his apartment with his niece. Haven’t actually met the novelist yet, though!

    • I’m not familiar with Peter Cameron. Thanks for the tip. And for the kind words about my book-in-progress. I am still working on it. Hope to have it out in the world before too long 😉

  3. Dock Oscar

    Another reason to get my español in gear. It was a great night.

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