Debuts and the Booker…the NYTs Bestseller list…and what’s next

Last week the Booker Prize 2013 longlist came out. I feel there are two camps around the Booker – those who like the books they chose and those that refuse to read anything on their list. How about you?

I tend to fall in the “seek out” camp. This year three debut novels made it on to the list. Two of them have yet to publish in the US.

Eve Harris was listed for The Marrying of Chani Kaufman. It’s a story about a young orthodox Jewish woman in London, her arranged marriage and how she learns to be a Jewish wife. This book comes out in the US in September.

Donal Ryan was listed for The Spinning Heart, a story of a struggling Irish town after the Irish economy collapsed. Ryan is one of three Irish authors on the list (joined by Colm Toibin and Colum McCann). This book is particularly noteworthy as Ryan was rejected by 47 publishers before he found a home for his book. That is tenacity! As far as I can tell, it’s not coming out in the US until next year.

I noted that Carol Rifka Brunt’s Tell the Wolves I’m Home made it onto the NYT Trade Paperback best-seller list this week. I reviewed this book back in January and am happy to see it doing well in paperback.

And here at Proto Libro, in August I will reviewing two debut novels: Courtney Angela Brkic’s The First Rule of Swimming and Susan Nussbaum’s Good Kings, Bad Kings.










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5 responses to “Debuts and the Booker…the NYTs Bestseller list…and what’s next

  1. I might seek out two or three of them but not all of them. This year, I really want to read ‘The Kills’ by Richard House and ‘The Lowland’ by Jhumpa Lahiri.

  2. louise crawford

    Thanks for bringing these books to my attention. I will definitely be on the watch for them in the US.

  3. Bette meisel

    I’ve come to the point in y life that I read what people who have my taste like. Same goes for movies.

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