Reading on a Kindle

My husband gave me a Kindle over the holidays.


At first, I was reluctant to engage with it. I love books as much as the stories in them. When I was in my 20s I studied bookbinding and explored the artifact and art of a book. Our apartment is overflowing with paperbacks and hardbacks. We even have books under the bed and in boxes in the closet. But eventually, I decided, I have this device, let’s use it. The first ebook I bought and read was Snowdrops, which I reviewed earlier this year.

The Kindle reading experience is actually not that different than reading a book. The pages are easy to turn. The ink looks like a printed book. And the Kindle fits neatly in my hands. It’s particularly great for travel. I can load up a few books for a work trip and be set. I have also downloaded classics for free and some independent books, like Thrill-Bent, which I reviewed this spring, was not able to find at a local bookstore, but easily found at Amazon and downloaded onto my Kindle.

But the biggest downside with the Kindle is that I cannot lend books I love to the people I love. Next week I am going to review my first memoir, Sonia Sotomayor’s, My Beloved World. I bought it on my Kindle and wish that I hadn’t. It’s the kind of book that I want to give to everyone in my life and say, “Read this. This story, this woman, is amazing.”





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4 responses to “Reading on a Kindle

  1. Nancy Henry

    Love this piece, Kate! I’ve been debating about this purchase myself. So convenient. . . But as a library user as well, I’ve held off. . If I take this plunge, I’ll treat it as a “both . .and”

  2. Ellen Barnard

    awesome blog entry, kate! can’t wait to read this book. on my iPad! xx

    • @Ellen. I was thinking of you and JB as I read the Sotomayor book. I think you’ll enjoy it. I’d be curious to know what you think of her prosecutor years 😉

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