New look, new link and what’s next…

I heard from a couple of you that you found it hard to comment on my blog (thanks RP and OS), so I have chosen a new theme (layout), which I hope will make it easier for you to find and contribute to the comments. Please give the new theme a look and leave a comment…What are you reading today? Is this commenting feature easier to use than the last one?

I recently discovered another blog that focuses on debut authors, the Tottenville Review blog. I just added them to my blog roll. They do a lot of author interviews and also look at works in translation.

Next week I’m reviewing a debut novel that just came out, Thomas Van Essen’s, The Center of the World. After that I’m reviewing some memoirs….






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5 responses to “New look, new link and what’s next…

  1. Testing 123 testing 123:-). I’m reading the nick tosches reader

  2. Thanks for the test! Does this seem easier to use? It feels like Nick Tosches month. I will track down what his debut book was.

  3. Dock Oscar

    I’m also reading The Center of the World, based upon your recommendation. Curious to see what you will say about it.

  4. Robert P

    hey k8, much easier.

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