What book are you reading? My day at BEA….

Living in NYC has its advantages. This week is the Book Expo America conference at the Javits Center and today was the book bloggers part of the convention. I took a day off of work and sat with a few hundred other bloggers in overly air-conditioned rooms and learned more about the trade.

The highlight of my day was a keynote by Will Schwalbe, a former book publisher and now web publisher and author. He spoke about the passion he has for books and his book, End of Your Life Book Club, a memoir about the books he and his mother read during her final two years with terminal cancer. “What book are your reading?” is a question they regularly asked each other and which stimulated conversations they had while she was getting chemo. Eventually they started reading books together and formed a book club of two.

Will’s passion for reading, writing and publishing was inspiring. He wishes we all asked each other every day, “What are you reading?”

How about you? What are you reading? (Leave a comment by clicking “reply” above….)

New review coming next week…..enjoy the weekend!


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6 responses to “What book are you reading? My day at BEA….

  1. Ellen Barnard

    I’m reading Go Girl (because everyone told me I wouldn’t be able to put it down — I’ve been plodding through it for weeks) and a book of classic American short stories. It’s nice to get back to Hawthorne and Hemingway now that I’m no longer a junior in high school!

  2. I’ve actually been thinking to reread The Sun Also Rises, as its Hemingway’s first novel. It is nice to read the classics and they can really seem different than contemporary writing. Thanks for posting!

  3. Dock Oscar

    I’m reading Me and the Devil by Nick Tosches. I like his writing and I’m wondering where he’s going to take me on this journey. So far, lots of food, booze and blood.

  4. Eh Dubs

    The Anatomy of Violence by Adrian Raine – Also some booze and blood in this one, but it’s non-fiction, a quick read, and a bit pretentious and gimmicky. Maybe I keep reading because it reminds me of our engaging conversation in the Catskills, which was not pretentious and gimmicky.

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