Notable New Debuts

Since the last two books I reviewed were debut, but not new novels, I wanted to mention three new debuts that I have seen getting some positive press. I read about the first two in a recent copy of Oprah magazine. It nice to see how she consistently supports new writers.

Y, Marjorie Celona

A coming-of-age story of a young woman, Shannon, whose mother abandons her at birth. The novel recounts two stories: Shannon’s life until the age of 17 and the days leading up to her birth, when her mother decides to give her up. Sounds like a powerful story.

Truth in Advertising, John Kenney

In a totally different vein, this book is a comedy about a Madison Avenue copywriter who, while challenged by a diaper ad campaign, begins to reassess the choices he has made in life. A story about work, love and family.

Good Kids, Benjamin Nugent

Two teenagers witness their parents kissing in a natural food store and make a pact to never cheat on anyone in their lives only to meet again in their late 20s and have to reevaluate their pact. A romance that probes Generation Y and Boomer cultures.

Next week, I review Melanie Schnell’s, While the Sun is Above Us. A moving book about the Sudan by an emerging Canadian author.



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